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Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Benga

IMG_5873 Benga final

Gheorghe Benga was born on January 26, 1944 in Timişoara, Romania. He studied Medicine at the Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP) Cluj-Napoca receiving his M.D. in 1967, then Chemistry at the Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca graduating in 1972.

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Prof. Dr. Harald zur Hausen


Harald zur Hausen was born on March 11, 1936 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Germany. He studied Medicine at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg and Düsseldorf and received his M.D. in 1960. After his internship he worked as postdoc at the Institute of

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Sir Dr. Tim Hunt


Sir Tim Hunt was born in 1943, in Neston, England. He is a great British scientist, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2001, for the discovery of the key proteins that regulate cell division. At the

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