Cluj-Napoca is the heart of Transylvania, therefore we can assure you that you will be received with open arms and you will have a great experience in this beautiful city.

For students

  • For accommodation you can ask for a dormitory room in one of Babeș-Bolyai University’s dorms. The prices are suitable for students, you only need to choose how many roommates you want to share your dormitory room with.
  • Please take into consideration that we have a limited number of rooms. The places in the rooms will be distributed starting within October according to a waiting list. You can join it here.

Academics, researchers, others.

  • We are able to provide for academics, researchers and for other participants with a range of hotels where those interested can stay during the three days in which the conference will take place. To access our offers please choose your place of accommodation and send us an email. We will send our offers for you. Please note that these offers can be obtained only through us.


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